When you need a miracle, where do you turn?

If one thing is certain about our culture, it’s that we desperately need healing. And while people often turn to friends, science, or books for help, shouldn’t we turn to Jesus first? Christians know Jesus as their Savior, but not many know Him as Healer. Throughout Scripture, we see that Jesus makes the blind see, opens deaf ears, restores life from death, and so much more . . . but what about today?

In Every Day a Miracle, Matthew Stephen Brown leads readers on a spiritual journey designed to discover Jesus as Healer and explore many questions, including:

  • Does Jesus really still perform miracles today? And if so, how?
  • Why would a good God allow us to experience pain in the first place, and maybe many times?
  • When we don’t experience healing, does that mean Jesus has failed or let us down? 

Through personal stories of miracles witnessed and biblical truth and wisdom, Pastor Matt Brown leads readers to worship a God who is not random or careless and who is never without cause, especially when it comes to performing miracles. Most of us can get behind a God who says yes. But what about when God says no? Or wait? Learn to trust and worship the Great Healer no matter what His plan is for your life.

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Matthew Stephen Brown is the founding and Senior Pastor at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. From a small 8-person church plant in 1997, Sandals Church now has 14 physical campuses throughout California, a growing online campus with more than 50 countries tuning in, and a digital presence reaching 110,000 people weekly.

In 2021, Matt released his first book, A Book Called YOU: Understanding the Enneagram from a Biblical Perspective. A Book Called YOU helps the reader learn about the person they were made to be and how a biblical view of self-discovery can improve every part of their life.

With his second book, Everyday a Miracle: Trusting the God Who Heals Us Inside and Out, Matthew Stephen Brown asks the question: Where do you go when you need a miracle? He shows the reader that every day, there is an opportunity for a miracle and invites them onto the journey to discover Jesus not only as Savior but as Healer.

As Sandals Church continues to grow, the focus is on the gospel being spread throughout the nations as more people embrace the vision of authenticity—being real with ourselves, God, and others.


For U.S. press inquiries regarding Every Day a Miracle, please contact Allison.Carter@harpercollins.com.

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